How do I place an order?

If you can't find what you are looking for in our online shop, you can message us through our contact page or send us a email at info@designmeacake.com.au.

How much notice is required when placing an order?

To avoid disappointment as much notice as possible would be ideal, however a minimum of 3 weeks is sufficient, depending on availability.
At times we may have cancellations, so don't be afraid to ask us about placing an order, as we may be able to squeeze you in. 

Can I use my own florist for the flowers on my cake?

We absolutely recommend using your own florist. We require the flowers to be delivered a couple days beforehand. We will then put them in water and refrigerate them until needed. We will do the arranging before the cake is delivered or picked up.

Coffee or Dessert Serves?

Portion sizes are generally categorised into two serving sizes:

- Finger or Coffee serving - approx 1 inch x 1 inch x height of the cake

- Dessert serving - approx 2 inch x 1 inch x height of the cake 

Deposit/Payment Method and Cancellations?

A non-refundable deposit is required and you will be sent an invoice at time of booking. If this date is not met then you will forfeit your date and the order will not be fulfilled.
Final payment for weddings cakes are required 2 weeks before due date.

Full payment will be required for any last minute orders.

All cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior and via email.

Bank transfer is preferred and all bank details will be given upon placing order.

Pick Up and Delivery

Your cake will be fully boxed and ready for the arranged time. Some cakes and desserts need to be refrigerated ASAP. On warmer days we recommend you keep your air-con running on high in the car at the time of collection, as heat is a cakes worst nightmare.

We recommend that all cakes and desserts should be placed flat on the floor of the car or boot.


We offer delivery as well as pick ups.
Please enquire at time of booking for quote, otherwise pick ups are from our studio at Croydon, 5008, SA